Saving RDF module

When using the save keyword on the RDF module, a file should be created under the configuration name. I have tried this for several RDFs at the same time but only one output file is created. Is this because they overwrite each other as they are named the same. If so, does that mean you have to save them one by one and rename them? Or is there a way of dissolve spitting them all out with the appropriate name such as RDF01.

I assume that you only have one RDFModule in your input file, and one configuration. So, there is really only one set of RDFs to save. Are you trying to save a series of RDFs as the simulation progresses?

Yes I have several RDF that I want to save in the same simulation that are running at the same time as seen in the image above.

I have just patched this, and version 0.7.4 now gives you the option to explicitly specify a filename and format to save the data to. It should be built and on ready for download in a few hours.

So, in your input file, where you previously had

Save  On

in a CalculateXYZ module you would change this to read:

Save  xy  'my-file.txt'
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Quick update - the new version isn’t available yet as the build service we use (hosted by Microsoft) is currently having some issues. Hopefully by the end of the day it will be up.

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