How to directly read in the parameters from LigParGen

Methanol_OpenMM.txt (3.7 KB)
I’ve been able to generate forcefield parameters using LigParGen. Take methanol as an example, the units in this generated file is different from the required input file and it has to be manually typed into the input.txt. Therefore, I’m hoping to ask if there is any method to directly read in or extract the parameters from this file? Thank you.

I’m currently working on adding this to functionality to Dissolve, but it’s not quite ready at the moment.

Would you mind if I used your parameter file as a test case? It would speed up the development to have this example to work toward.

Please go ahead and use the file.
It’s just an example file for methanol, which is generated by LigParGen. The website generates parameters for organic molecules with SMILES code. You can have a look at the website and hope it will help.